About Us
Our passion
We are an enthusiastic team that cares about
technology, develops innovative software solutions and
promotes digitalization in a sustainable way.

What motivates us, is the drive to create a new reality - we love complex technical challenges and we are also passionate about finding solutions that really help. Curiosity, quickness, agility and progress are our inner engine - that´s why, together with our partners, we turn complex projects into real business solutions with added value for the user. Our entrepreneurial mindset helps us to realize real economic value behind your ideas.

After growing up in the research environment of the HPI, where IT meets Design Thinking, we soon understood that  radical user-centricity is the strongest lever for innovation success. Therefore, this runs in our DNA: In our internal structures and processes (e.g. feedback processes, people coachings and job rotations), in the way we approach new products and services and also in our relationships with our partners and custormers. Our experience has shown that mutual understanding is the key to teamwork that leads to outstanding results.

We offer efficiency in a safe environment. We are developing secure and user-friendly applications that help to simplify,  network, anticipate the business activities of our partners and make them more human.

Together with our partners we want to develop secure, user-oriented, efficient and sustainable software projects based on innovative IT-infrastructure.
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Harald Fladischer
Commercial Director
Daniela Schluckebier
Project Manager